Rapper Macklemore was involved in a head-on collision on Friday night in Langley, Washington, according to TMZ. Macklemore, his two passengers, and the driver of the other car are all reportedly doing fine.

The Seattle rapper was treated for a cut on the head, but is otherwise in good condition.

The accident occurred when a pickup truck, coming around a bend, accidentally veered over the dividing line of the road, colliding headfirst with the rapper’s car heading in the opposite direction.

The 24-year-old driver was “not seriously injured,” a Washington police spokesman told ET Canada.

The spokesman said, “He was injured enough that he had to be transported to the hospital and he was arrested on suspicion of DUI.” The spokesman also added, “Macklemore was not injured.”

According to KOMO News, a local Washington outlet, Macklemore was driving with a suspended license at the time of the crash.

The suspension, according KOMO, came because of unpaid parking tickets. The 34-year-old rapper has since paid the ticket and his license has been reinstated.

The Grammy winner has yet to comment on the crash, his recovery, or his citation for driving with a suspended license.

Macklemore recently released the first single “Marmalade” off his upcoming untitled album, which is expected to come out later in 2017.

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