Macaulay Culkin addressed Home Alone conspiracy theories on The Tonight Show on Friday.

Conspiracy theories have always swarmed around classic movies such as Titanic. One theory suggests that Jack Dawson (Leonardo DeCaprio) is a time traveler sent back to save Rose DeWitt Bukater’s (Kate Winslet) life.

For Home Alone, one of the theories is that Kevin McCallister grew up to be the Jigsaw killer from Saw. Culkin simply laughed this one off along with the theory that Elvis Presley was an extra on the movie. When host Jimmy Fallon showed him a picture of the scene where the alleged Elvis is spotted, Culkin sarcastically said, “Totally Elvis right?”

Culkin even had some of his own questions about the movie. Fallon asked him, “Looking back is there anything you would change or any questions about the movie or the plot?” Culkin responded, “Why doesn’t he just call the cops?”

Culkin also talked about his website and podcast, lifestyle blog Bunnyears. Culkin described it as “Goop meets the Onion.”

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