M.I.A. took to her blog this week and posted a new diss track and audio excerpts from her interview with New York Times journalist Lynn Hirschberg after the writer published an unflattering profile on the controversial rapper. The act of vengeance comes after M.I.A. tweeted Hirschberg’s cell phone number and forced the writer to change it after receiving days of anonymous harassment calls.

The new song, “I’m A Singer,” channeled M.I.A’s anger towards the journalist, including lyrics like “And the story’s always f—ed by the time it hits/Why the hell would journalists be thick as s—.“

The audio recordings of the interview also respond to a brief mention that M.I.A. had been eating a truffle-flavoured french fry during their interview. The audio excerpt also proves that it was Hirschberg’s idea to order the truffle fries. –NATTHAKAN GARUNRANGSEEWONG

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