Lynsey de Paul, the British singer-songwriter, saved the lives of three people through organ donations following her death.

Lynsey de Paul's Organs Donated

De Paul died last week after suffering a brain hemorrhage at age 64. Since de Paul had signed up as an organ donor prior to her death, three of her viable organs were able to be delivered to those in need.

“I am extremely proud to say that even in death, she gave three people the chance of life," de Paul’s brother John Rubin told the mourners at her funeral Tuesday, reported The Independent.

De Paul was a star in the UK, becoming the first woman to win an Ivor Novello award. Throughout her prolific career, she had five top 20 hits, including 1972’s “Sugar Me” and “Getting a Drag,” as well as 1973’s “Won’t Somebody Dance With Me.”

Throughout her storied career, de Paul made headlines nearly as much with her romantic dalliances as she did with her music. She reportedly dated The Beatles Ringo Starr and actors Sean Connery and Dudley Moore. De Paul, who never married, also apparently had proposals from Animals bassist Chas Chandler and American actor James Coburn.

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