Luke Wilson, who’s currently filming feature film Ride, was captured on camera chatting with a young blond woman on location in Marina Del Ray on Monday.

Wilson plays a surf instructor in the movie, which explains why he paired his swimsuit with an O’Neil rash guard. At another point in the day, Wilson was spotted crouching on shore in a surfing pose, flanked by the mystery girl in the photo and another blond. Perhaps they’re giving the 38-year-old actor some surfing tips to help him prepare for his character.

Helen Hunt also filmed some beach scenes for Ride on Monday, sporting a flattering black one-piece on location in Venice Beach. Not only is Hunt starring in the film, she wrote the screenplay and is also directing and producing the picture.

The film will follow Hunt’s character, a New York City magazine editor, to California, where she’s in search of her college drop out son (Brenton Thwaites). While there, she gets romantically entangled with the surf instructor played by Wilson.

Filming for Ride will relocate from Los Angeles to New York City in November. Enlightened’s Mike White and Dexter’s David Zayas also star in the film.

– Chelsea Regan

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