Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez appeared to bite the shoulder of Giorgio Chiellini in his squad’s match against the Italian national team in their World Cup game Tuesday afternoon.

Luis Suarez Bites Giorgio Chiellini

In the 79th minute of play, with the game tied 0-0, Uruguay was given a set piece after a foul by Italy. Chiellini was tasked with marking Suarez in the penalty box. Before the ball was served, Suarez appeared to bite into the back of Chiellini’s shoulder.

Immediately after digging his teeth into his opponent, who fell to the ground, Suarez reached up to his mouth, acting as though Chiellini had delivered an elbow to his nose and jaw. An outraged Chiellini got up and pulled the collar of his shirt to show the ref the teeth marks, but Uruguay’s Gaston Ramirez ran over to pull the defender’s shirt over the wound.

Since none of the refs saw the incident, Suarez was not penalized. Less than two minutes later, Uruguay’s Diogo Godin buried the ball into the back of the net and won a spot in the second round for his country. Italy, which had been playing a man down since Claudio Marchisio received a red card in the 59th minute, only needed a tie to get through.

Costa Rica will move on with Uruguay from Group D into the 2014 World Cup’s round 2. With their loss, Italy will be heading home from Group D with England.

Suarez, who plays club with the English Premiere League’s Liverpool FC, received a 10-match ban for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic in 2013. In 2010, Suarez received a seven-match ban for biting Otman Bakkal in the Dutch Eredivisie. It’s likely that upon review of the incident FIFA will take action against Suarez for his latest biting of an opponent.


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