Lucas Cruikshank, of Nickelodeon fame, came out publicly yesterday to fans in a Q&A YouTube video with his friend, actress Jennifer Veal.

The video, titled "ARE YOU GAY?!?," is the first in a weekly Q&A video series with Cruikshank and Veal. They reached out to their fans on Twitter and various social media platforms and assured fans that no questions were off limits. Multiple fans asked Cruikshank about his sexuality, and Cruikshank decided to give them an answer.

Veal is actually the one who does the talking, answering for him: “He’s gay,” she says, looking straight into the camera. The two laugh and Cruikshank adds that he has been out to his family and friends for years; he simply never felt the need to come out to his internet audience.


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“My friends and family have known for, like, three years, I just haven’t felt the need to announce it on the Internet,” he says.

Cruikshank shot to fame when his YouTube character, Fred, went viral and gained massive popularity on the Internet channel about four years ago. The 19-year-old began posting videos when he was twelve, and has never stopped. His character Fred earned him a guest spot on Nickelodeon’s iCarly. That quickly spiraled into a guest role on Hannah Montana, and, eventually, Fred: The Movie (2010) on Nickelodeon. The successful Fred franchise has sparked two other Nickelodeon films, as well as an accompanying series. Cruikshank currently stars in Marvin Marvin, a new Nickelodeon show where he plays Marvin, an alien living with a family in the U.S.

Hours after the video was posted, Cruikshank took to twitter to express his thanks for all the support from fans, writing, “Your support is everything.”