If for some reason you enjoy watching hour-long videos of surgeries for fun, a former Love Island contestant has uploaded a video of your favorite thing! Thomas Powell brought fans into his operating room on Wednesday for gynecomastia surgery, asl known as a male breast reduction.

Gynecomastia is a condition common in males that causes their breast tissue to become enlarged. It’s thought that this is caused by differing levels of the hormone testosterone and estrogen in people’s bodies.

The full video is still viewable on Powell’s Instagram, though if you have a weak stomach like a certain writer on this story you may want to avoid it, as they truly don’t leave any details to the imagination.

The video serves as an unintentional advertisement of whatever local anesthetic is being used on Powell because the reality star and personal trainer is awake for the procedure and stays unphased throughout. It’s humorous to see Powell casually chat to his surgeons and answer some fan’s questions as they cut his chest open.


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The surgery was a success for Powell and he is currently in recovery for the next several weeks. In some videos posted to his Instagram Story after the surgery, he thanked fans for their support, complained that he has to avoid caffeine and alcohol during his recovery, and joked “now I’ve got my little bra on, sexy!” This is in reference to a compression chest piece he has to wear over the area of the surgery to give him more support and reduce swelling.

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