News traveled fast that Love And Hip Hop Atlanta stars Mimi Faust and Stevie J. escaped a club where shots were fired with minor injuries, but Faust confirmed, “no shots fired at us” via Instagram.

The news spread about the alleged shooting from The Source‘s Twitter page, tweeting on Tuesday, “Mimi Faust And Stevie J Escape Club Shooting With Minor Injuries”

The magazine also cited that Stevie was involved in a confrontation that resulted in the shooting and the two were in the middle of the scuffle when shots were fired. Stevie and Faust were in Charlotte for the CIAA basketball tournament.


After the shooting took place, the Charlotte Observer reported that three men were charged after 40 to 50 shots from an AK-47 rifle went off. The men were arrested and charged with firing a barrage of bullets at 4:40 a.m. near the Hyatt Place hotel. There was no mention of Faust or Stevie in the article.

News anchor Diana Rugg tweeted a photo of a van riddled with bullet holes and captioned it, “More than 2 dozen bullet holes in van, SUV, and hotel from hi-powered rifle in uptown Clt drive-by at 4am”

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