Lottie Moss, the sister of model Kate Moss, took to Instagram to share snaps of her romantic getaway in Australia with a mystery man.

She shared a video of her hotel room covered in rose petals, leading a path to the bed which had a large heart on it.

Lottie, 24, expressed her excitement over the scene.


“Wait, I’m dead. I don’t know how to react because this stuff never happens to me,” she said.

In another snapshot, Lottie teased her viewers with a hint of her man, who was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.

He had a large tattoo on the underside of his arm and was pouring her a glass of champagne.

Lottie was rumored to have split with ex-beau and music producer Cody Colacino in November.

Lottie revealed to her fans that she had been struggling with her relationships and self-image, something that she felt was a product of years of “being controlled” by the “toxic fashion industry.”

She also cites the source of her depression as being the backlash she received from joining OnlyFans.

The younger sister of supermodel Kate encouraged her fans not to remind those “falling behind in life.”

She wrote to her followers, “If someone is unhealthy, they know. If someone is struggling in their relationships, with money, with self-image, they know.”

“It’s what consumes their thoughts each day,” she said. “What you need to do for those who are struggling is not to reprimand, but encourage. Tell them what’s good about their lives, show them the potential that you see.”

“They need you to reassure them that they can still make it right,” she added.

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