Lorenzo Richelmy, who landed the part of Marco Polo on Netflix’s eponymous series after making a bold audition tape, is admittedly far from shy when it comes to filming the show’s nude scenes.

Lorenzo Richelmy On Nude Scenes

As the famous 13th century Italian merchant traveler, who is portrayed as somewhat of a lothario, Richelmy has to get nude in front of the camera with relative frequency in Marco Polo. The idea of being embarrassed about shooting in the buff is a slightly foreign concept to the actor who got his feet wet with nude scenes in an Italian short film.

“I am really free,” Richelmy explained to uInterview in an exclusive interview. “I did a short movie where I played a gigolo in Italy. I discovered in that occasion that, if I’m naked and you are not, you are embarrassed because I am naked.”

I’m not embarrassed,” he added. “I’m just naked. So, I’m super open-minded about it.”

Marco Polo premieres on Netflix Dec. 12.