On Monday, New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde made posts on Twitter that hint at her highly anticipated new album. Fans have been hungry for more of Lorde’s music since her last album, Pure Heroine, was released in 2013.

Lorde first tweeted ambiguously on Monday, “u hungry?” followed by another tweet: “imwaitingforit.com.”


The link leads to a mysterious website titled “M*******A,” and showcases a 15-second video of what appears to be a teaser to Lorde’s new album. The video follows Lorde as she’s strutting down the street to a darkening purple sky. The scene is accompanied by upbeat, catchy beats. This short snippet is cut after six seconds, and two dates flash across the screen. One reads “3.2.17 NYC,” while the second is “3.3.17 NZ.”

Her fans are hoping the video is hinting at the follow-up to her last album. Her last album Pure Heroine, released in 2013, topped multiple charts in countries worldwide, and made it to number four in the U.K.

One such fan wrote on Twitter: “OMG Lorde is finally coming.”

Another wrote: “Omg new Lorde album coming, pls tell me this is not a drill.”

Despite the ambiguity of the tweets and video, it looks like Lorde’s fans won’t be disappointed.

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