by Joe Galbo • Lindsay Lohan just can’t seem to catch a break these days. She’s suing TV babies, her dad’s engaged to her former assistant, she’s falling onto cacti – it’s just not a good time to be LiLo. We decided to put together a list of the worst (recent) Lohan disses.

5. Being excluded from the Nintendo DS cover box for the Mean Girls video game. This isn’t necessarily Lohan’s fault, but it still bites. Paramount Pictures licensed the game but using Lindsay’s image was deemed too expensive. Now, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert stand Lohan-less on the game’s cover. Definitely a diss considering Mean Girls is probably the best movie Lohan’s made since she was eight. Reportedly, none of the girls’ likeness was used in the actual game itself.

4. Blogger Perez Hilton asks for a moment of silence for Lindsay Lohan… while she’s sitting in the room. Hilton didn’t seem to know (or care) that Lohan was in the audience at the Star Magazine Young Hollywood party. But a witness at the event said people cringed when he stood on stage and asked for a moment of silence in Lohan’s honor. The same witness also said the remark didn’t seem to phase Lohan who might not
have been paying attention. It’s no secret that the two don’t get along. Shortly after the event Perez wrote a blog about Lohan being paid for her appearances and included the phrase "drug money." Lohan lashed out on Twitter, "Perez Hilton your statement couldn’t be more wrong in every single way. And I find your accusations and slanderous remarks to be gross. Karma is a b**ch, isn’t it? I can’t imagine what yours will be.
I’m sure he’s the one sitting on drugs, no one in their right mind should ever be so dark and have such a desire to be mean to people. I try to never respond… but that’s vulgar and out of line."

3. Lindsay’s documentary on poverty and child trafficking in India gets panned. Last December, Lohan hosted a documentary for the UK’s BBC3 that, despite its good intentions, looked like nothing more than a way for Lindsay to rebuild her image. Controversy stirred when Lohan Tweeted, "Over 40 children saved so far … Within one day’s work … This is what life is about … Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!" As it turned out, the 40 child workers had already been saved, not by Lohan, but by activists already in the country before her arrival. A BBC spokesperson did damage control saying that the Tweet was a result of a "misinterpretation." Funny, Angelina Jolie never seems to have that problem.

2. Cactus issues. In the constant struggle between celebrities and photographers, there have been many a battle. None so amusing, as when a combination of flashbulbs and high heels resulted in Lindsay going face-first into a cactus. Video of the spill made the 8
o’clock news on most channels and, as usual, it was speculated that drugs or alcohol or anything but photographers actually caused Lindsay to stumble. In her own words, "Only I would get pushed into a large, sharp plant by crazy paparazzi!!! I need to start wearing more flats." Or call the police before you leave the building Linds.

1. Dad gets engaged to former assistant. As if things weren’t tough enough for
Lindsay, her father, Michael Lohan, has decided to run off and get married to Jon Gosselin‘s ex, former Star reporter Katie Major. According to, Katie and Lindsay were close following Lohan’s exit from rehab in 2007. Katie even brought in the
first interview for InTouch Magazine following Lohan’s stint in rehab. Things started falling apart when it became obvious to Lindsay how close Major was getting to her father. Once Lohan caught wind of their engagement she so eloquently told UsWeekly, "I’m gonna vomit!"

While all this might make it seem like the Lopocalypse is upon us there are some things looking up for the starlet. Lindsey recently cut a deal to release a new line of handbags with designer Paz Shakked Wolf, and master director Quentin Tarantino himself has expressed interest in working with Lohan to get her career back on track. Still, there’s always room to hope that the little girl who’s brought so much entertainment over the years will go back to work someday, if she could just layoff the cactus.

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