HBO’s Looking premiered Sunday night, introducing the show’s three gay friends as they search for relationship success in San Francisco.

'Looking' Recap

The opening scene of Looking shows 29-year-old Patrick (Jonathan Groff) cruising in a local park for the first time as something of a joke. In the middle of his awkward encounter, his phone goes off, cutting short the rendezvous. He laughs it off with pals Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) and Dom (Murray Bartlett) on their walk home to a bourbon-fueled conversation.

Eternally unlucky in love Patrick, asks for one of his friends to come with him to an ex-boyfriend’s bachelor party. Patrick claims that he’s completely over his ex, but that it doesn’t make it any easier to see him so clearly moved on and headed for marriage. Moving forward in his own relationship is artist Augustin, who plans to move in with his longtime partner Frankie (O.T. Fagbenle). Dom, meanwhile, in his late 30s, is contemplating giving a toxic ex who’s making a ton of money in real estate another chance.

Patrick's Failed OkCupid Date

While he’s supposed to be working the next morning on a video game design project, Patrick spends some time on his OKCupid page. A chat flirtation with one of his matches gets him a date with an oncologist (Matt Wilkas). Unfortunately, the date heads south fast – as soon as Patrick slips out an anecdote about his first park cruising experience. The doctor calls an end to the date, itemizes the bill so they can pay for their own meal and it’s over.

After the date, Patrick meets a guy named Richie (Raúl Castillo) on the MUNI who's instantly attracted to him. Instead of offering his real identity, Patrick gives him the business card given to him by the oncologist. When Richie asks him for a date, he declines and heads to the bachelor party. There, he overhears his ex happily talking about how he’s off the market and won’t need to brave the dating scene ever again.

Dom Gives Patrick Advice; Augustin & Frankie's Threesome

At the party, Dom tells Patrick that he’s frustrated with his sex life, especially since he couldn’t even get a new waiter at his restaurant to sleep with him. Before going in search of someone to bring home for the night (which is ultimately unsuccessful), Dom gives Patrick a pep talk. He tells him it’s time he stopped worrying about what everyone thinks and to go after what he wants. This sends Patrick to the bar to meet Richie.

When Frankie pays a visit to Augustin’s study, where he’s working on a project with the help of construction pro Scotty, things heat up. The three men get liquored up together, show off their ink and have a threesome. Later on, Frankie and Augustin discuss whether or not they’re going to embark on an open relationship and worry that they might disagree on where to set boundaries.

Looking airs Sundays on HBO at 10:30 p.m. EST.

– Chelsea Regan

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