Lolo Jones traded in the running track for the bobsled track to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Former Olympic bobsledder Chuck Berkeley isn’t so sure she deserved that honor.

Chuck Berkeley Questions Lolo Jones' Bobsledding Skills

Though Berkeley didn’t mention Jones by name in his tweet, which has since made its way around the web, the implication is clear. Jones, a two-time Summer Olympian, is one of the most recognizable names among Olympic athletes. As a track athlete, she’s able to rake in some marketing dollars. Berkeley seems to think her marketing worth is what led the U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation to tap her for Sochi 2014.

Berkeley, who tried and failed to make the men’s bobsledding roster for Sochi, was bombarded by fellow tweeters, who felt that his remark was born out of jealousy. Berkeley responded to say that that wasn’t the case.

Though Berkeley has since tried to make light of the outrage he’s caused by retweeting some of the insults getting flung his way, he’s made it clear he truly doesn’t like Lolo Jones. In fact, he’s claimed that her making the team is proof of the USBSF corruption and that her personality is so toxic that the men’s bobsledding team hadn’t been hanging out with the women’s bobsledding team because of her.

In an interview following his tweet about the women’s bobsledding roster, Berkeley also complained about Cory Butner, a teammate of his on the men’s side. Apparently Berkeley believes he should have made the roster over him and pushed for driver Chris Fogt.

Jones and her partner Jazmine Fenlator finished in 11th place on Tuesday.

– Chelsea Regan

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