If there’s one thing that Lindsay Lohan knows how to do well, it’s how to party. So whoever thought that the starlet’s new court-ordered SCRAM bracelet would cause her to stay at home and take up knitting was sadly mistaken.

Lohan was spotted letting her newly blond hair down in L.A.’s Las Palmas supper club chain smoking and drinking iced tea. The Mean Girls star was living it up dancing and singing with friends.
The actress made headlines last week when she was stuck in Cannes and unable to make a mandatory court appearance in L.A. due to an allegedly stolen passport. After paying $100,000 in bail, Lohan was able to reschedule the date for last Monday. Judge Marsha Revel ordered Lohan to complete her alcohol education classes and wear a SCRAM bracelet to monitor alcohol intake until her sentence ends in about two weeks.

Oh, Linds, thanks for once again not letting us down. Your resilience is admirable. –ELENA COX

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