Lizzo is ending her stellar 2019 on a high note as she performed on Saturday Night Live last weekend to positive reviews and high ratings. Even her guitarist got some internet buzz.


Multi-instrumentalist and singer Celisse Henderson added to a hyped performance twice with her rasp blues-indie rock-laden guitar riffs both in the beginning and later on during the playing of Lizzo’s hit song “Truth Hurts.” It wasn’t only the masterful guitar playing: Henderson decided to dress and play in the same dress-style and guitar as legendary guitarist Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe is instrumental in shaping rock and roll. One of the first guitarist ever to use distortion. Henderson acknowledged the tribute on her twitter page.

Henderson has played with and been part of multiple bands, yet most recently released a solo studio album called Ghosts of the Forest.

Lizzo has been in the music scene with her first studio album Lizzobangers in 2013, which was re-release by Virgin records that year and Big Grrrl Small World in 2015. But when she signed with Atlantic Records, she took those albums off any streaming device and digital retailers and only left her two latest projects Coconut Oil and Cuz I Love You, which peaked in the top five of Billboard 200.

Lizzo fired back after the appearance on SNL when a critic commented that her popularity was due to “obesity epidemic in America.” Dr. Boyce Watkins  stated in his Twitter account ‘#Lizzo popular is because there is an obesity epidemic in America. Rather than encouraging people to do better, we are simply lying to them and telling them that they are just fine the way they are. Unfortunately, Many of these people are dying from diabetes and heart disease.”

To which Lizzo responded: “I’m popular because I write good songs and I’m talented and perform high energy hour and a half shows filled with love,” she replied, quipping, “Here’s the attention you ordered.”

Lizzo is set to close out the year with concerts in Waco, Texas, on Dec. 28 and Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.