Brandon “Bug” Hall-Barnett, best known for his starring role as Alfalfa in Little Rascals, was arrested over the weekend near a Weatherford, Texas, hotel for allegedly inhaling air duster cans.

The Weatherford Police Department’s report confirmed Hall-Barnett was placed under arrest for possession of a volatile chemical for use or to inhale or ingest. Police found Hall-Barnett after responding to a call from Hall-Barnett’s family members requesting for a status check and a possible overdose poisoning check.

When the police arrived at the scene of Hall-Barnett, the actor admitted to inhaling from the air duster cans.

Hall-Barnett was then transported to Parker County Jail where he was booked for procedure.

Neither Hall-Barnett nor his representative has commented on the situation.

Along with his role in Little Rascals, Hall-Barnett has also starred in CSI, Masters of Sex and Revolution.