A little girl dressed in a pink raincoat started an impromptu dance party at a New York City subway station when she began dancing to a performance by Coyote & Crow.

Little Girl Inspires Dance Party

Coyote & Crow, a NYC duo that frequently performs around the city, were playing at the Bedford Avenue L train stop one day when a little girl began jumping around and dancing to their cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Me & My Uncle.” Soon, other adults joined in, and the band caught the whole thing on video.

The video, posted on Thursday, Dec. 4, has received over 4.7 million views and become a viral sensation.

Coyote & Crow

Thomas Kopie and Jaime Kopie, the married couple that makes up Coyote & Crow, called the surprise dance party “magic,” and said that it was actually not a rare occurrence.

“If we have a week where we don’t have a good dance session on the subway, we’re not working hard enough,” Thomas told NY Daily News.

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