Almost exactly a year ago, acclaimed musician and White Stripes frontman Jack White, 36, announced the dissolution of the two-person band that made him a household name.

Now he is back, sans former partner and ex-wife Meg White, 37, whose last name he took when they married in 1996. White is debuting his very first solo album, Blunderbuss, on April 24, and he released his lead single from the record, "Love Interruption," on his website on Monday.

White calls Blunderbuss "an album I couldn't have released until now" in a press brief. "I've put off making records under my own name for a long time but these songs feel like they could only be presented under my name. These songs were written from scratch, had nothing to do with anyone or anything else but my own expression, my own colors on my own canvas."

You can listen to "Love Interruption" here:

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  • Mijon Zulu
    Mijon Zulu on

    While his quote makes him sound overly eager to distance himself from his ex-wife, the song is so good that I am not sure if I care to hear from Meg White again. I love it!

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