Lisa Whelchel has won back her celebrity status after tying for second place with Mike Skupin on Survivor: Philippines. Not only did Whelchel take home $87,500 in prize money for placing behind Denise Stapley in the 25th season of Survivor, she was awarded an additional $100,000 for being the fans' favorite player of the season – not to mention the $10,000 she netted for simply participating in the show's finale.

It's been over 20 years since Whelchel was in the spotlight as Blair Warner on the hit teen drama The Facts of Life. During the show's run, she put out a Christian music album All Because of You that earned her a Grammy nomination in 1984. Deeply devoted to her religion, Whelchel went on to become a frequent speaker at conferences for women of faith.

Welchel, 49, who is a mother of three, plans to tithe 10 percent of her Survivor winnings to her brother's church, according to People. She spoke at length about her affection for Freedom Church in Chatsworth, Calif, to FOX 411 this past September. Although Whelchel has no plans to make a second run on Survivor, she will be staying close to host Jeff Probst. The two are set to co-host a talk show together next month. If it's up to Whelchel, that won't be the only place you'll be seeing her on screen in the near future. "I'd do a sitcom," she said recently. "Really, I've got a lot of opportunities.”

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