Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, 50, is claiming she’s $16 million in debt.

TMZ reported Presley filed court documents for her divorce from Michael Lockwood, 56, claiming that she has more than $10 million in unpaid taxes from 2012 to 2015. She has a house in the U.K that she’s trying to get rid of because she’s defaulted on the mortgage adding $6 million. She also claims she has debt from credit cards and attorney bills.

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The Elvis estate brings in about $20 million annually and in 2004 Presley sold 85% of Elvis Enterprises for $100 million.

Even though Lockwood signed a post-nuptial agreement in 2007 stating that neither party had a claim he still wants money. Lockwood is asking Presley to pay $22,000 a month in spousal support and pay his legal fees, which are roughly $450,000. He claims he was coerced in to signing the post-nup papers.

Presley filed for divorce in June 2016 after more than 10 years of marriage. This is her fourth divorce, she was married to Danny Keough, Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.

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