A little lion cub was caught on camera attempting his best roar.


Unfortunately for him, only a little hiccup emerged from his ferocious mouth. The resulting sound was fortunate for some camera user, who captured the adorable moment and posted it to the internet.

The 15-second video has gone viral and is the #1 trending video on YouTube. The video was posted on June 1, but somehow managed to hit the top of the list today. As of this writing, it has 1,522,349 views and over 37,000 likes. Many of the commenters on the video noted the strangeness of the timing, but others simply loved the little cub.

“True life simba!!” wrote one user – one of many to reference The Lion King. “I’m gonna be the mane event / Like no king was before / I’m brushing up on looking down / I’m working on my roar!” said another, quoting the lyrics to Disney’s “I Just Can’t Wait to be King.”

See the adorable moment below!

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