As more of our daily activities require internet connectivity, the strain on wireless routers only increases. For the unlucky few, certain homes and offices exacerbate connectivity woes. The new Linksys EA9500 is a modern WiFi router designed to address this problem, with a powerful signal designed to boost speed in most environments.

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Equipped with eight adjustable antennas, the EA9500 follows the standard set-up of a router with a newer, more secure addition to establishing your login information. With a “unique alphanumeric passcode generated during setup,” the router maximizes protection, so that unwanted users can’t alter your settings. A tri-band router, the device is capable of transferring 1,000 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 2166.67 Mbps on one of its two 5GHz radios; Roberto Baldwin of Endgaget suggests this might be unnecessary for the typical internet user. Eight gigabit ports are also available for a more hardwired connection to a myriad of other connected products.


The EA9500 might also be a little too advanced for some laptops’ WiFi to take full advantage of its features, notably Apple. Equipped with MU-MIMO, a system that creates assigned data streams between device and router (for faster uploads, downloads, and general processes), the feature is notably absent on Macs (although it does exist on iPhone 6s and 7s).

The Linksys router also works with a companion smartphone app that aids in the setup process and allows password changes, firmware updates, guest access, and router reset from both near the device and out of the home.

It’s power comes at a price; the EA9500 goes for $350. For those interested in the companion app and the same, if somewhat reduced quality of connection, Baldwin suggests the the less expensive $250 EA8500, or the E8400 for $230 is a dual-band router if you are an Apple-user.

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