It looks like Lindsay Lohan was telling the truth after all. Lohan recently made headlines in early June when her court-ordered SCRAM bracelet was set off while she was at Katy Perry‘s MTV Movie Awards after party. Lohan and her reps vehemently denied she had been drinking alcohol that night.

After the bracelet was set off, a urine sample submitted by Lohan came back negative but not before a judge doubled her bail to $200,000. This isn’t the first time Lindsay was deemed truant – she missed a court date last month due to an allegedly stolen passport forcing her to stay in Cannes.

At the time, it is inconclusive as to what set off Lindsay’s bracelet, though SCRAMs do have the potential to give a false positive. According to a 2008 New York Times article, among other things, baked goods like raisin bread and sourdough bread can cause the body to produce its own alcohol, and like any computer-based device, the SCRAM can malfunction. – ELENA COX

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    I wonder how much bread she ate at that party

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