Lindsay Lohan will enter Century Regional Detention Facility Tuesday in Lynwood, California to serve 90 days in jail. But she still can’t seem to keep quiet about her father, Michael Lohan. "I don’t want my ex-father anywhere near me no matter where I am. He is crazy and scares me," she tweeted Sunday night. "I don’t want Michael Lohan Sr. anywhere near me, no matter where I am. I am in a great place and he only brings negativity in my world."

LiLo and Michael did agree one thing – that former O.J Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro should have appealed her sentence. But, there is not much that can be done now.

Starting tomorrow, Lindsay will be housed in isolation the facility’s special needs unit for own her safety. Due to severe overcrowding in L.A. jails, Lohan will most likely be released much earlier than her 90-day sentence.  –ALEXA GREENBERG


  • JoannaBoese
    JoannaBoese on

    Wow, her mother has done a great job of brainwashing her.

    Seriously, if you're in a great place, then why are you going to serve jail time? Face it, he wants to help you get out of the downward spiral that you're on, and you and your mother need to stop treating him like crap since he's cleaned up his act. He's only concerned about your welfare.

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