Lindsay Lohan’s best friend, Israeli socialite Hofit Golan, has revealed that Lohan is not pregnant in a new interview released on Friday.

Hofit Golan Shuts Down Lohan Pregnancy Rumors

Lohan and Golan are currently vacationing together in Sardinia — one week after Lohan accused her fiancé Egor Tarabasov of cheating on her on Instagram and posted a tweet announcing she’s pregnant.

“We’ve been doing acupuncture, massage, stretching, drinking lots of green juice, exploring caves, fishing, swimming, just doing normal things,” GolantoldUs.

“Lindsay and I have known each other for years and she’s a very close friend, she’s loyal and an amazing person,” Golan added. “It’s unfortunate that other people in her life, I’m not going to name names, are confirming she’s pregnant, which she’s not.”

Lohan allegedly told her father, Michael Lohan, that she was pregnant — and he revealed that she told him in a text message.

“She texted it to me and told me…“Daddy, I’m pregnant,”’ Michael told Page Six on Tuesday.

Golan even took to Instagram on Thursday to address the speculation surrounding Lohan’s pregnancy and her relationship with Tarabasov.

#timetospeakout. There’s no truth to any of these speculations and stories,” Golan wrote, alongside a photo of her and Lohan on a yacht. “With all due respect, What you don’t see you don’t know. It’s about time someone stands up for a very good person, friend, daughter and fiancé @lindsaylohan.”

Golan admitted that she believes Lohan regrets posting personal details about her relationship online.

“She made a mistake with all of her Instagram posts … She apologized for it … she knows it was wrong,” Golan said.

Golan confirmed that Lohan and Tarabasov did not break up permanently, but rather Lohan is just taking a pause from their relationship.

“This vacation is amazing, it’s not a single girls’ getaway or a post-breakup vacation,” Golan explained. “Lindsay is taking a pause in her relationship and joined my friends and I on holiday.”

“All relationships have ups and downs, and that is what is happening with Lindsay and Egor,” Golan said. “They are going through personal matters, but it doesn’t mean they’ve broken up for good. Lindsay just needed a pause.”

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