She's not a porn star, she just plays one in the movies. Unfortunately for Lindsay Lohan, she won't be playing anyone other than a rehab inmate for some time.

But Lohan, 24, is trying to get a day pass from her rehab facility so she can discuss her role in the movie Inferno, where she's to play famous pornstar Linda Lovelace. “Lindsay is happy and I have been sending her some films starring several actors that we would like to cast alongside her in our movie," director Matthew Wilder told Radar Online. “She just received them so we are still waiting for her feedback but we really want her to be part of the whole experience even although she is not physically here in Los Angeles."

Lohan is currently in the Betty Ford Rehabilitation Center after failing drug tests and violating probation on a 2007 DUI case. Her last starring role was in 2007's I Know Who Killed Me. “Lindsay told me that she is working to get a work pass so that she can get out and meet us to discuss the project," the director continued. "Obviously, she would probably need some kind of monitor and I think that she feels cooped up sometimes which is understandable.” –AMY LEE

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