Lindsay Lohan visited the Late Show with David Letterman where she opened up in a candid, and at times tense, interview with David Letterman.

Early in the interview Letterman confronted the elephant in the room. “Now you know I have routinely made jokes about you and the activities, true and otherwise," Letterman said. "You’re aware of that.”

Then, when Letterman addressed the fact that not all of the “activities” were true, he took out a list of old jokes he had made at the actress’s expense and began reading them off. For example, “Lindsay Lohan’s in court so often, the cafeteria has named a sandwich after her.”

Lohan took much of the ribbing in stride, replying with a laugh, “They don’t let you eat there.”


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The interview eventually took a slightly icy turn when Letterman asked, “Do you have addiction problems?”

“Now you sound like Doctor Phil,” Lohan said.

“Is it alcohol? Do you drink too much?”

“We’ve discussed this in the past.”

“Now I’m the one who’s having the blackouts," Letterman said, eliciting laughter. "What does that tell you? I oughta be in rehab for the love of God. What is wrong with me?”

Eventually Lohan steered the conversation back to the real reason why she was on the show, which was to promote her new movie, Scary Movie 5, which also stars Charlie Sheen, Ashley Tisdale and Simon Rex, among others. Scary Movie 5 hits theaters this Friday. Check out Lohan's full interview with Letterman below.

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