Looks like Lindsay is free at last, kind of. Lindsay Lohan was released from the Lynwood Correctional Facility early Monday morning after serving 14 days out of her 90 day sentence. She was released early due to prison overcrowding and was sent directly to UCLA Medical Center for her 90 day rehabilitation treatment. Original reports stated that Lindsay was going to attend Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, California, but Judge Revel changed locations at the last minute – reportedly for fear of Lohan being able to gain access to drugs.

In a statement to the press, the LA County Sheriff Spokesman Steve Whitmore said that Lohan had been released at 1:35 a.m. and was sent directly to the facility. She will be monitored by county probation officers for the next year and is subject to random drug tests. Lindsay was arrested twice in 2007 for driving under the influence, the second time receiving an additional charge for cocaine possession.



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    Why couldn't they have released her at a normal time of day? And, the comments from the cameramen are so funny!

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