Lindsay Lohan was spotted partying at San Diego nightclub FLUXX on Mar. 22, less than a week after being sentenced to 90 days in a drug rehabilitation facility.

Lohan, 26, was, “drinking Ketel One vodka on the rocks and smoking Parliaments,” a source told US Weekly. Sporting a hoodie and a New York Yankees baseball hat, the Liz and Dick actress hung out with a girlfriend while chatting with Sean Kingston.

Again, on March 23, Lohan was spotted out on the town. This time, the former child star was partying at the private club 41 Ocean, where her boyfriend Avi Snow was playing a show with his band, City of the Sun. In photos obtained by the UK Daily Mail, Lohan is captured leaving the club and locking lips with Snow on Saturday.

Once Lohan enters the rehab facility, she will not be permitted to leave – not even on her 27th birthday. “It doesn’t have to be locked like a correctional facility. It doesn’t have to be that hardcore,” Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White told the New York Daily News. “But it has to be a place where if she leaves, they notify us.

“She has to follow the program and can’t leave the property,” White added. “If she leaves, it’s a violation.”

In addition to her 90 days of rehab, Lohan is expected to undergo 18 months of psychotherapy, 30 days of community service and two years of probation.

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