Lindsay Lohan, 24, says she finally has nothing to hide. Speaking one week before her recent incarceration, she admits to "dabbling in certain things . . . ’cause I was young and curious and thought it was like, okay," she told Vanity Fair. But Lohan declares that she has "never abused prescription drugs." Much of her very public misspent youth she blames on exactly that – youth and publicity. "I was 18, 19 – with a ton of money and no one really here to tell me that I couldn’t do certain things." She also reveals that she was overly influenced by tabloids, seeing "the Britneys and whatever," and admiring them, something she now considers "scary and sad."

Her childhood and her past with her father still haunt her still. "I think my biggest focus for myself is learning how to continue to get through the trauma that my father has caused in my life," she says. She blames her dad for showing up unexpectedly at her hearing, and then "[going] and [doing] an interview right after." Lohan wants to make one thing clear, though: she is not "making excuses" and fully admits that she has been "irresponsible." Now she plans to leave the partying behind, which is "not fun anyway" and hopes to regain respect from her loyal fans. –KIMBERLY STEELE

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