Despite her many trials and tribulations, audiences still love Lindsay Lohan. On Monday night the troubled starlet taped an interview for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and received fervent applause and a standing ovation from the crowd.

The 24-year-old actress did not shy away from discussing her recent scrapes with the law, reports Us Weekly. She described the last few years as a "whirlwind," but recognized that it's no excuse. "I'm not a kid anymore," she said. "I've made a lot of mistakes and I recognize that. I'm in the clear now, and as long as I stay focused, I can achieve what I want to achieve."

Just last week Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail for the ongoing ordeal surrounding her alleged jewelry theft and the fact that it violated the terms of her probation. In a stroke of luck for the actress, however, the charges for the theft itself were reduced from grand felony to misdemeanor. She was released on $75,000 bail and will stand trial on May 11.

Lohan's highly publicized legal troubles will not interfere with her upcoming role in the film Gotti: Three Generations, in which she will appear opposite John Travolta. —KIMBERLY STEELE

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