Lindsay Lohan, eager to rehabilitate her image with a stint on the London stage, flubbed some lines during a preview performance of the revival of David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow.

Lindsay Lohan Forgets Lines

Lohan, 28, is courting intense scrutiny as she tries to regain credibility in the acting world. News outlets, which usually wait to weigh-in on plays until closer to its actual premiere, have offered reviews of Lohan’s first performance on the stage, where her nerves apparently took over.

“Lohan managed to hang on through her small but critical role as Hollywood secretary Karen — but only with the aid of some crew members offstage who shouted lines at her when she blanked on what she was supposed to say,” according to the New York Daily News. “She also seemed to rely on a book she clutched as a prop that had some lines from the script scribbled in it."

Incidentally, other reviews noted that stage veteran Richard Schiff also required a crewmember to give him a line during the play.


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Despite the hiccup on her first night on the stage, some critics were optimistic that if the actress can memorize her dialogue, both she and the revival could have some potential. “This was no car crash,” read the Daily Beast’s review. “If Lohan can nail her lines in the coming days, this somewhat pedestrian interpretation of the Mamet classic certainly could find its stride."

Prior to the performance, Speed-the-Plow director Lindsay Posner sung Lohan’s praises. "I'm pleased to say Lindsay has taken to the process faster than any other debut actor that I've worked with,” Posner told the Independent.

As for Lohan, she’s hoping that if she displays professionalism and stick-to-itiveness, she’ll get back some of the respect she lost during her downward spiral with constant partying and legal troubles.

“I think it shows that I can be accountable, and I think it helps with the perception that I'm just a psycho that goes out and stuff," the actress told TimeOut London. "I've done things, but people grow up and they change. I'm willing to work hard to gain back the respect that I once had and have lost."

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