Lindsay Lohan teamed up with Billy Eichner on his Fuse TV show Billy on the Street to sledgehammer a vehicle decorated with How I Met Your Mother decals.

Lindsay Lohan Beats A Car

Lohan and Eichner, who profess to have a ton in common (read: shoulder freckles), are both diehard fans of CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, which will air its hour-long series finale next Monday. Sharing a sense of betrayal, the actress and comedian joined forces to decimate a How I Met Your Mother-themed car as a form of therapy.

While bashing the station wagon, Eichner and Lohan took turns venting their frustrations with obscentity-laden shouts. "It's actually my favorite show. I'm really f–king pissed," Lohan yelled. "It's too soon!"

"F–k you, Jason Segel I'm tired of seeing your penis in every movie!" shouted Lohan. Eichner then screamed, "Alyson Hannigan is the only person I can relate to!"

Part of the charade was assigning different dollar values to destroying specific parts of the car. At the end, Eichner added up the values and wrote a check for $500 to The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik. Why? “Just to spite the cast of How I Met Your Mother and say, ‘Hey, cast of How I Met Your Mother, f—k you! How dare you?'” explained Eichner.

– Chelsea Regan

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