Lindsay Lohan, 26, thinks she is ready to begin her climb back to respectability in Hollywood. Lohan, who stars in the highly anticipated Lifetime movie Liz and Dick about the whirlwind relationship between Hollywood icons Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, believes her past experiences with fame have prepared her for this role. “Everything I've gone through made me ready to play Liz,” Lohan told UsWeekly.

Lohan’s troubled past includes stints at the Betty Ford Center, countless court appearances, not to mention, jail. She acknowledges the similarities between herself and Taylor, also a troubled star. "Since I was a kid, I've loved being on camera. Don't misconstrue that: I didn't strive to have flashbulbs at dinner or people who don't know me calling TMZ. And 99 percent of the time, it's not true," Lohan told the magazine. "I feel bullied. I can't think of any actor who has been subjected to such extreme publicity who hasn't, like, committed suicide."

While the movie drew respectable ratings for Lifetime (3.5 million viewers tuned in this past Sunday), critics have blasted Lohan’s performance. “Lohan should have shed her protective shell and made an effort to try and understand a psyche other than her own,” decried Entertainment Weekly. Others were downright mean. “Liz and Dick was ostensibly Lohan’s comeback vehicle," howled The Toronto Star. "And again, like every other vehicle she’s ever driven, she manages to total it.”

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