Lindsay Lohan received some poor early reviews after her first preview performance of David Mamet’s Speed-The-Plow, but the actress is determined not to let her critics get her down ahead of the play’s proper debut.

Lindsay Lohan In 'Speed-The-Plow'

Lohan, 28, fumbled a few of her lines during the first preview show, getting some help from a prop and a backstage crewmember who answered her line call. Yet, as many of the premature reviews noted, and as Lohan is quick to note: it could have been worse.

“It could’ve been a disaster – but it wasn’t by far,” Lohan told the U.K. Mirror. “I could’ve not shown up. But of course I did, it’s my show.”

“Everyone is always going to be judgmental, no matter what,” Lohan added, claiming she’s avoided reading the notices. “I respect people have an opinion, but I’m doing the best I can and will for the duration. I’m doing this because working makes me feel happy and this is a new venture for me.”

Lohan went on to note that she was affected by some nerves, but that fortunately the others involved in the play have been supportive and encouraging. “I was nervous on the first night because I’d never done it before. But everyone has been really great. I love the stage manager…they’ve all been kind, gracious and comforting,” she said.

As she keeps performing on the West End stage, Lohan hopes that she’ll grow more accustomed to the theater, having only previously acted in feature films and on television. “Every night feels more natural and comfortable. I’m not used to a live audience, it’s a much quicker buzz,” Lohan admitted, “When you do a movie you have to wait until the premiere to get that feeling.”

Speed-the-Plow director Lindsay Posner has consistently come to the defense of the actress. Posner has admitted that getting Lohan involved had something to do with the attention she’d attract to the production. However, he’s also maintained that she was someone who was right for the part, has taken to the stage as a natural and hasn’t shown any of the behaviors that previously made her a risky gamble of a star.

“There’s never been a problem of that nature,” Posner told the Guardian, speaking of her alleged penchant for tardiness. “And in terms of Lindsay’s illness and her addiction, I’m pretty certain she’s properly in recovery – in fact I know she is because there’s been no evidence of that whatsoever.”

Formal reviews of Lohan's performance in Speed-the-Plow will come out after her official debut Wednesday night.

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