Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach mansion became a victim of swatting Wednesday afternoon after a call claimed four people were allegedly shot there.

Lil Wayne House Swatting

Young Money Entertainment addressed the reports of a shooting on Twitter, assuring fans that the rapper wasn’t involved, and that if shots were fired at Lil Wayne’s multi-million dollar residence, he wasn’t present.

A call was placed into the local police force’s non-emergency line. The caller reportedly stated that four people had been shot and that those present were planning to begin a firefight with officers, according to TMZ.

In response to the call, Miami PD went to the La Gorce Island home, where they set up a perimeter. It’s believed that the incident was a case of “swatting” – a prank call placed with the intension of getting a reaction from police.

Nearly two weeks ago, police were sent to Lil Wayne’s Miami home following a call about a suspicious person. However, the cops let the man go, as he was on public property when they arrived.

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