Even private jets are for non-smokers nowadays. That’s what Lil Wayne found out earlier this week on a private jet he hired from a Florida airport. After a few minutes in the air, the pilot reportedly saw the rapper had lit up a joint of marijuana and then turned around to the airport and landed back exactly 17 minutes after taking off.

Lil Wayne Kicked Off Plane

TMZ reported that Lil Wayne had told the pilot he wanted to smoke with his entourage during the flight, and the pilot had refused to let him. The rapper was seen hanging around the tarmac after getting thrown out of the plane, reportedly waiting for a car to pick him up.

Wayne’s tour bus was the target of gunshots on April 26.

Lil Wayne released a free album on Jay Z’s Tidal this month, Free Weezy Album. But Wayne’s producer Birdman is suing the streaming platform over $50 million for having released the album a few weeks before its initial released date. Lil Wayne had already sued his own record company Cash Money over $51 million because they were allegedly refusing to pay him for his album Tha Carter V.

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