In an FBI raid, the private plane carrying rapper Lil Wayne was detained and found carrying drugs and weapons.

The plane was flying from California to Miami on Monday. After finding cocaine and a weapon on board, all passengers, including Lil’ Wayne were cleared to go and no charges have yet been filed. Federal offices are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

The FBI raid happened because Miami-Dade Police had received a tip regarding the plane containing marijuana and weapons. The tip was then taken to the FBI to receive a federal warrant to search the plane when it landed. The search also included the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and other agencies.

If anyone had been charged, they would have been in federal custody during Christmas and formally charged on Thursday. No one was reported to have been detained.

Lil’ Wayne, who’s real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. has not had run ins with the law regarding drugs. However, he has been in trouble with the law regarding weapons. In October 2009, he pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a gun in Manhattan. He served an eight-month sentence due to the charge. New York guns laws are quite strict. If it was his weapon, it could be considered a misdemeanor, however his first charge might make another charge, even if in a lesser penalty state, harder for Carter, Jr.

Florida state: “It’s illegal in the state of Florida for a convicted felon to knowingly own, possess, or control a firearm. This crime is a 2nd degree misdemeanor punishable by: up to 60 days in jail; and up to $500 in fines” according to Section 790.01(2), Florida Statutes.

However, since he was traveling across state lines, any charges might be handled through federal law.

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