Soundcloud musician turned mainstream rapper Gazzy Garcia, better known as Lil Pump, has announced his support for President Donald Trump‘s reelection campaign after going on an Instagram Live rant, lambasting Joe Biden‘s proposed tax plan.

In a move mirroring 50 Cent’s earlier endorsement of Trump, the rapper published a live video last weekend to condemn Biden’s proposed tax plan that would target those who earn in excess of $400,000. Lil Pump commented, “All I gotta say is Trump 2020, b–ch. F–k I look like paying an extra 33 in tax for Biden. F–k Sleepy Joe,” in keeping with Trump’s tradition of assigning nicknames to his rivals.

Lil Pump even went so far as to share an image of himself shaking the President’s hand with the caption, “THE DAY I MET TRUMP.”

The rapper has always been one for controversy with his stage persona playing on his alleged abuse of prescription drugs like Xanax. In late 2018, Lil Pump released the song “Butterfly Doors,” whose lyrics contained slurs against Asians, which included “Ching chong” and “they call me Yao Ming ’cause my eyes real low,” even mockingly pulling on his eyes to mimic yellowface. After public backlash, Lil Pump released an apology on Instagram and edited out his songs’ racist lyrics.

The rapper has not backed down against fan backlash this time, even going so far as to retweet posts by several prominent conservatives that approved of his decision, with the latest being that of Tomi Lahren who tweeted, “We welcome @lilpump to the Trump Train!”


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