Music stars, they’re just like us. And when you’ve got a bathroom emergency, you have to address it even if you’re on a stage in front of, literally, hundreds of people all there to see you. Lil Nas X found himself in this bind at a show in Atlanta when he suddenly disappeared from the stage and then took to his mic to reveal that he was in the bathroom.

A video shared on Twitter showed some of the incredible artwork and set design elements of the show, but the artist didn’t seem to be onstage. Suddenly, he piped up saying, “I’m backstage, and this is like not part of the show but I’m taking a mean s––t.”

He quickly added, “I’m gonna need a minute or two, I’ll be right back!”

The artist didn’t shy away from pretending this never happened, and even responded to someone who put it online adding that he “was literally back there dropping demons into that toilet.”

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