Pictures of rapper Lil’ Kim have surfaced after her appearance at the BOOM Bash 2015 Concert. The photos appeared to have been altered to enhance her derrière and chin. The mother of one has been under scrutiny for her reported plastic surgery as well.

One Twitter account, Inspector Cakes, tweeted the two photos next to each other with the caption, “Why do the Photoshop savages have it out for Lil’ Kim? Ain’t she fat enough?”

Her fans are also either coming to the rapper’s defense or poking fun at what they assume is the 41-year-old entertainer’s body. Fans even “refused to believe” that this was the singer.

Other fans have also taken to Twitter to defend her. One tweet captioned a collage of the rapper with, “Lil’ Kim, still beautiful, still human, still your faves fave. leave her alone and live your life. ❤️ #LilKim ???❤️.”

The rapper has yet to comment on the drama over the photos.  

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