Lighthouse’s eponymous smart camera is the first product from the humble startup company, but rest assured – it has quite a pedigree behind it. Andy Rubin, the pioneer behind the popular Android smartphones, contributed to it as an investor and an advisor. So, with that affirmed, how will Lighthouse benefit you?


Lighthouse has the innate ability to learn its surroundings, which includes the environment it’s residing in as well as the people who populate it. Thus, the Lighthouse will remember your friends and family. As such, it has a diverse set of uses.

For one, if you need a security camera to help protect your home, Lighthouse is the ideal protector. Given its recognition skills, it’ll discern if an unknown intruder is on the property. Likewise, it knows the people who typically hang out in the house, so it won’t alert you over them. Moreover, if a friend or relative waves into the camera, you can bring up the Lighthouse app and chat with them.

Should a problem arise, such as an unwanted visitor, the smart camera’s app will be an invaluable ally. With it, you can swiftly call the police, talk through the device or blare a siren. Even better, the Lighthouse’s night vision means it’ll always keep an eye out.

The app’s functionality extends beyond that, too. If you need to look through the Lighthouse’s archival footage, you can by verbally asking it your inquiry or by typing it out. Color-coded halos decorate those in the film, making it easier to discern the grownups, kids and pets. However, the footage will only be retained for 30 days before it’s deleted.

You can also configure your Lighthouse to ping if something happens or fails to happen. Here are three of the examples given:

  • “If you don’t see the kids by 4pm on weekdays while I’m away, let me know.”
  • “Send me a ping when John gets home today.”
  • “Alert me if you don’t see someone with the dog at the front door between 12 and 2pm when I’m out.”

As for its components, the camera is built with a 3D sensor. A diagonal field of view spanning 95 degrees is consequently visible, which is rendered in 1080p. It should be noted, however, that the Lighthouse was not designed to be kept outdoors. Lighthouse comes with standard security features, such as AES 256-bit data encryption, as well as Bluetooth compatibility.

Lighthouse’s debut will happen in September, although pre-orders are available now. Your companion will also bear a one-year warranty. And those who pre-order early get an extra 12 months’ worth of the subscription service for free.

On its own, the Lighthouse will cost $399.99, which is fairly pricey. Two bundles are also available: one comes with a wall mount, the other comes with three Lighthouses. These respectively cost $428 and $1,097. Furthermore, the service, which is required for the majority of the Lighthouse’s functions, defaults to 24 months. But, if you don’t mind spending more, you can extend it to 48 or 72 months.