Singer Liam Payne posted on his Instagram story congratulating his former One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles, on his Grammy win for Best Pop Solo Performance.

“Congrats @hshq on your Grammy win,” Payne wrote under a meme about the former boy band. “What a huge moment, proud to be your brother.”

Styles’ Grammy win was a first for him because One Direction didn’t win a Grammy for any of their five albums.

Since breaking up in 2015, all five former bandmates pursued solo artist careers. Styles doesn’t avoid questions about the band though, talking about his experience with Variety in December.

“When you look at the history of people coming out of bands and starting solo careers, they feel this need to apologize for being in the band,” Styles said. “‘Don’t worry, everyone, that wasn’t me! Now I get to do what I really want to do.’ But we loved being in the band.”

This is not the first time, Payne has shown support to Styles. Payne expressed pride for Styles after his solo Vogue cover photo was published in which he wore women’s clothes.

“[I] thought it was great,” Payne told Entertainment Tonight. “I think he’s enjoying himself and he’s free to do as he wished,” the singer added. “And, you know, I just think that people don’t need to be so bothered about stuff. There’s been a lot more stuff going on this year than whether or not he’s wearing the right clothes in someone else’s mind.”

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