Liam Gallagher has opened up about his feud with brother Noel Gallagher and what caused the falling out.


On an episode of The Graham Norton Show, Liam described his genuine dislike for his younger brother, despite them founding band Oasis together decades ago. “So you slap each other up on Twitter and then you call each other up after?” Norton asked.

“No, that’s well for for real, man. We don’t like each other,” the singer answered blatantly. “Lots of people have asked us to get back together and they keep adding noughts… They’ve already offered us like loads of money, like millions and millions, but it’s not about the money,” he added.

Norton asked Liam why they began to hate each other in the first place, and the singer was honest. “The grudge started when he was about 19 and he bought a stereo,” he revealed. “I’d had my first drink that night and got up to pee. I couldn’t find the light so I relieved myself over his new sound system. He was livid and that’s where it started.” Talk about a sibling rivalry.

Other guest Idirs Elba jumped in on the fun and said he and Liam had been feuding because he threw his hat across a bar. “Yeah, you started it,” Liam said to laughter from the audience. “Did Liam piss in your hat, Idris?” the host joked along.

See the moment below.

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