Liam Gallagher asked his brother and former band-mate Noel Gallagher to get their band, Oasis, back together for a coronavirus charity concert in a series of tweets.

He proposed the idea to get back together for a one off gig for charity once the coronavirus pandemic has ended.

In another tweet he called out other artists to participate in the event, including The Smiths’ Paul Weller, Pearl Jam’s Johnny Marr and the Romanian duo The Cheeky Girls.

Oasis broke up in 2009 after Noel said he couldn’t keep working with his brother. Noel has since started his own band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Liam made light of the band’s split in a tweet on Wednesday saying that he and his “Rkid” (British slang for brother) “have been self isolating for 10 years.”

Noel has yet to respond to his brother’s request as of Friday, though he has received many tweets from eager fans about the possibility of a performance.

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