With the majority of contemporary televisions utilizing LCD (Liquid Crystal) Display, there is an upper limit to how crisp and vibrant your favorite televisions shows and movies can appear. Now, following the introduction of OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) Display, higher-end sets have entered the market, bringing superior picture quality along with all of the trappings of an internet-ready, smart TV. That’s where LG’s OLEDB6P television comes in.

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The least-expensive model in LG’s new collection of OLED sets—although at $3300 that doesn’t make it cheap or inexpensive—the B6P’s eight million-pixel display offers unparalleled 4k viewing right in the comfort of your living room, with each sub-pixel emitting it’s own light source (resulting in a 25% brighter screen). The increased picture quality also means the TV is capable of streaming HDR (High Dynamic Range) and 4k Dolby Vision. If you have ever seen those incredible, high-contrast photos of sunsets and architectural landmarks floating around the internet, you’ll understand the viewing pleasure of HDR movies and TV shows. The OLED Display is especially beautiful in dim light environments, displaying strong blacks and accurate color profiles across a screen that is uniformly high quality from every viewing angle. It’s thin too, the top half just 0.18 inches thick, before widening to two inches at the base, where the speaker and electronics are housed.

Like most TV’s in 2016, LG’s B6P is “smart”; equipped with streaming capabilities for Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and Amazon Video, just to name a few, LG’s trademark motion control remote operates the set, allowing viewers to point and click instead of punching titles into a keypad. There are numerous options to connect external devices, with four HDMI inputs and three USB ports. The set also includes ports for analog-devices, should you still be hanging on to your now-obsolete VCR.

For film buffs and those who hate the recent trend to include motion interpolation, a frame blending method useful for sharp sports streaming but renders films like soap operas, Cnet reports less judder than previous models, the de-judder and de-blur settings helping to prevent the soap opera effect. But, it’s best to leave the feature off if you are especially sensitive to blurring.


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Sizes range from 55 to 77 inch screens, with the price scaling accordingly, as high as $8,000. With OLED setting the standard for luxury televisions, the LG B6P unsurprisingly offers performance for a steep price.

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