After Friday’s cyber attack on many major websites, Leslie Jones appeared on Saturday Night Live to address the issue of cyber security. She spoke about her own website being hacked in August, releasing in personal information and nude photos of her.

Jones accused the hackers of having nothing better to do but to launch cyber attacks on celebrities. She appeared unfazed by the attack on her, saying:

“I am very comfortable with who I am. I am an open book,” Jones declared, noting, “If you wanna see Leslie Jones naked, just ask.”

Jones was targeted by internet trolls after she starred in the Ghostbusters movie this year. This forced her to retire from Twitter, where she received racist and hateful comments. “If I was good at computers, I wouldn’t waste it trolling on people,” Jones said. She ended with a more serious message about the online hate she was getting:

“You can’t embarrass me more than I have embarrassed myself. At a certain point you got to stop being embarrassed and just start being you, and I have been me for 49 years.”

You can watch Jones’ segment on SNL here:


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