NBC Olympic contributors Johnny WeirTara Lipinski and Leslie Jones recorded an impromptu dance video to Beyoncé‘s “Crazy in Love” while in PyeongChang.


They trio choreographed and recorded the video on Sunday, which Jones subsequently posted to her Twitter page. The 50-second clip began with the three putting on sunglasses at the same time, and then dancing and walking down a hallway, until they broke character and burst into laughter.

The stunt was well-received on Twitter. “This is WAY better than the actual Olympics,” one user said. “You 3 slay!! Thank you for being the light at the end of this week’s very dark tunnel!!” added another.

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Weir and Lipinski have been fan favorites throughout the Olympic games this year. As former figure skating competitors, the duo has been contributing to the figure skating commentary and have been dressing up for the part. They wear loud matching outfits for each broadcast, and even bedazzled their headsets. Their style has spawned memes of the pair as Hunger Games characters, which both have responded to and said they love.

Jones, for her part, was invited by NBC to PyeongChang to provide some coverage of the sports. The Saturday Night Live cast member is a die-hard Olympics fan, and her social media pages are filled with tweets from the games. She shares with fans the joys of South Korean food and gives a casual, sometimes-profanity-filled play-by-play of various games. She recently attended a few curling matches, and her commentary was like none other. “Ya’ll know I had to stop by here to see this crazy s–t,” she said of the curling venue. “So there’s four games going on at one time because I’m pretty sure that you couldn’t stand to watch one at a time. This is some real bulls–t right now, I’ll be honest with you. It’s like a bowling alley with no pins.”

The USA Women’s Hockey Team loved Jones’ commentary and enthusiasm so much that they got her a ticket to their games, hoping it would bring them luck. “Okay so @Lesdoggg aka Penalty Box Jones- We need you at our game Thursday. I got you tickets. 💪🏼🙏🏼🏒😍. #Olympics #TeamUSA You went beast mode tonight and we heard you. Def a game changer. #iceNinja,” tweeted forward Hilary Knight.

Jones has also enjoyed meeting various Olympians and personalities, such as figure skater Adam Rippon. She also posted a photo of her friends Weir and Lipinski before making the video.

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